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Process industry

We have been partners of bigger and smaller companies in the chemical and other process industries since our origins back in 2002. Due to our long existence we have worked with customers from all areas of these industries. This includes manufacturers as well as distributors, site service, maintenance and logistics companies. We know how to support our clients optimally to help them achieving their strategic goals and to successfully transform their business operations in a dynamic/volatile market environment. We have gained vast experience in solving complex problems for producers of fragrances and flavors as well as cosmetic ingredients. We have also given advice to companies working in plastics processing and manufacturing of composites. It is this unique portfolio of expertise and experience that lets us understand today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and develop tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Machinery and plant engineering

One of the major challenges in the machinery and plant engineering market is to handle both industry specific demand cycles and the ongoing digitalization. The competitive pressure and strong price erosion are progressing while companies have to cope with new technological challenges such as industry 4.0 or big data. Companies being unable to start transformation processes run a risk to lose their competitiveness in the medium- to long-term. Therefore, the ability to change and innovate is a decisive criteria for success for every company. Only by doing so, trends like industry 4.0 can be followed and new business models can be realized to differentiate your company from the rest of the market.

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